04:33 of 2003-11-29


Why Play?

Why do people tell us...me to play hard! To play like I never played before!

Mmm...They say, always aim for glory and keep your eyes on the prize!

According to them loosing to the opponent is so not an option and a draw

is more than suicide Everything will just shatter into pieces! Haha! So the

only way to survive, the only option, the only thing and the only path is to WIN

But why? It's only a game! Nothing can achieve in this competition! Sure you go

popular and you feel the happiness in your body and soul, but what now after that?

People do seem forget on what's really happening! Sigh If only they weren't that

serious! I know...... I know... It's okay to play hard and serious but why do

they always forget to have fun! Sure the are having fun, when they're winning!

Haha! People always compete with each other in so many ways! But isn't it

that those games were made for everyone to have fun, pure fun that comes

from the heart! Man I'm crazy! and stupid! If man create such things, why do

war occurs? Couldn't things be settled by such a game made for pure fun?

Well all I can say is Why? Man I'm weird!!! Make that supper weird! Well that's LIFE!!!

Yipee!!!!!! Back to school for every sophomores in Claret! Intramurals are over and so is
real life is back! 'sigh' To bad we didn't win though on most games, but at least we gain
some bronze or silver!
MISC: Due to popular demand..Here's the What Really Happened Yesterday Show! And here's your host
Summer and Shanda! Together with Austell!
Summer: Hello Everyone and we're on air..I meant online again!
Shanda: Yippee! And so does that clumsy board!
Summer: Anyway I'm pretty sure we're gonna have fun so
Shanda: Let's call Austell
Austell: ZzZ hUh? Oh yeah okay! Here!
Shanda: Seems he's pretty tired!
Summer: Okay, By the way here in this show, will also be with Mr. Dizon!
Mr. Dizon: Uh..Hello Hello!
Austell: What's the question?
Summer: What Really Happened Yesterday?
Shanda: Okay
Mr.Dizon: Ah let's see... We didn't win 2 major games, but I'm used to loosing this time anyway
Austell: Sir? We did at least our best and we didn't have any default!
Mr. Dizon: Still You're all in final warning so don't prob on that one
Summer: Okay! Seems like it's an issue!
Austell: Sure it is!
Shanda: Then tell us!
Austell: Well sure we have the potential but we lack something! I don't know but we just
lack something important! Maybe teamwork, but we can solve it during the climax!
We just lack it!
Shanda: Aww...poor Austell! I can't believe my honey lost!
Austell: Huh wha..? HEy!
Shanda: Kidding!
Summer: Oh stop it you two! Well Mr. Dizon what can you say?
Mr. Dizon: Nothing bothers me! Although I want to win also, I don't mind in loosing since
I'm used to it!
Summer: Okay, Thank you sir. And now Austell let's here from your side
Shanda: Go Austell Yipee!
Austell: 'sigh' Well all I could say is what a big coincidence! Man Rico's definitely
our secret player! Why?
Shanda: Yeah why?
Summer: Oh Shanda!
Austell: It's because out of all 7 games 3 of it were lost and during those games Rico
didn't play!!!
Shanda: Waaa I still can't believe my Austell lost!!!
Austell: Oh boy!
Summer: Aww! Well Anyway don't be hard on it! It's only a game!!
Austell: Okay Ma'am!
Summer: Why thank you lad! Oh stop it!
Shanda: Why are you two always close?
Mr. Dizon: Anyway, Be sure then not articulate the twentieth part of half a syllable!
And fix your attitude in class, and that means all of you or it's bye bye! Bye!
Summer: Thank you for coming sir!
Shanda: Why are you all like dead meat?
Austell: Just an accident in class! Don't mind it! We're responsible to it!
Shanda: If that's what my Austell say I'll believe it! Anyway
Austell: huh?
Summer: Too bad though we
Austell: Hey!
Shanda: Well we've reached the
Austell: Wha?
Summer: End of our show!
Summer and Shanda: See ya next time! Take us away MISC!
MISC: Well this show and blog is hosted to you by BLOGGER and BlogSpot!
And brought to you by the letter R and the number 6! See yA!
Austell: 'sigh' Well That's LYF!! SMILE SMILE ^_^ !!!!!!!