19:16 of 2004-01-21

Well well well....Man I'm etting lazy this days...well on the net actually but I'm trying hard to have time
for me to study hard! Stufy hard you asked? IT IS THE LAST QUARTER OF THIS STINKY SCHOOL YEAR!!!!
well I meant THE School not school! I LLOVE SCHOOL AND I.....nevermind that!!!! People these days Sheezzzzz

Well as you can see my site still dull and there's still some broken pages well actually it is only one but enough about that..
Let's talk about our current situation........

I guess it IS a little bit too late, but I want to see my scores in the near future! My past scores that is....I don't make sense
Okay It seems that Mr. Me here got a some good grades... I made some improvements yet I still have 4 7's... Guess the number
just sticks with me...hehe...Well I can understand Maths, Filipino and Science and in fact I made them higher by at least one point
but Music??!!!??!!?!?!?!?! Is it bad to be absent on some specific day??? Darn and the schedule is even totally bogus!! We meet only
once a week but there is always some interruptions... Baka!!! Well I guess I could keep up in other subjects...demo my CLE dropped
down by 3 but I think it's my fault for playing Battlefields instead on helping a party for the street children...hehe but I least didn't reached
7....'sigh' I need to study more...A lot more!!! Arghh!!! I need to leave the webteam for the meantime before it's too late for me!! Well it's
just because I want to go home early...sleep...study...eat..chobits...sleep...computer/net!!!!! hehe weird sched. But I guess I'll still
show up at the web team organization during the last 2 days of the week Thurs. and Fri. just to be on the safe side!!!! hehe

Well right now I'm counting how many "WELL" in my whole blog and site...hehe but let's just leave it be..
Anyway I guess 12 more days 'till my field trip with the webteam and robotic boys!!! I just can't wait to go to that cyberword school
thingy or whatever they call it!!! hehe.... Right now I'm going to study about AP before Chobits so see ya!!!!!
Nothing much..just the number 14 and the letter A to brighten or ruin your day with this blog sorry Mike if you had the chance to
read this...sssssoooooooooorrrrrryyyy!!! hehe...Chii!!! YA TA!!!!